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The Orloski Law Firm is a family-owned and operated legal team located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  We are a general civil practice that has appeared before all Federal and State Courts in the state of Pennsylvania. Our civil trial practice has an emphasis on personal injury claims, and our attorneys are experienced and effective in getting results for clients in matters involving:
















Personal Injury

Personal Injury

If you are injured through the negligence of another person, you may be able to make a claim for your injuries. The law puts strict time limits on when and how these claims can be made, so it is best to contact one of our lawyers whenever you think you may have a claim.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents

When you are injured in an automobile accident, you should immediately report it to your own automobile insurance carrier. When you buy auto insurance, one of the things you are buying is medical coverage for your injuries. Your insurance carrier will give you a claim number so that you can get the medical treatment that you need. You can read more about auto insurance here


The next thing you will want to verify is whether you have selected full tort or limited tort. Although there are some important exceptions, whether you have selected “full tort” or “limited tort” may determine whether you can make a claim for the pain and suffering. You can read a little about the difference between the tort selections here, as well as on the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner’s homepage.

If you are contacted by the responsible party’s insurance carrier, you should politely decline to talk to them until you have consulted with a lawyer from The Orloski Law Firm about your rights.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights provide the framework for our government and the foundation of our rights against government intrusion.  If you believe that your civil rights have been violated, such as by police misconduct or intrusion on your First Amendment rights, you should contact an attorney from the Orloski Law Firm to determine a lawsuit is possible.


To read more about civil rights, click this link to

Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

If you are not a member of a union and you do not have a written employment contract, then the law in Pennsylvania, as it is in most states, is that you are an "at-will employee". Just as you can decide to leave a job for any reason, an employer can terminate your job for almost any reason. There are important exceptions, with the largest being that you cannot be fired because of your Age, Disability, Gender, Race/Color, Religion, or National Origin.  


For Pennsylvania employees, there are two government organizations that are responsible for investigating illegal discrimination. They are the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.


If you believe that you are the victim of illegal discrimination or harassment at work, you should contact an attorney from the Orloski Law Firm to help protect your rights and your job.

Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation

One of the most distressing situations a person or family can face is losing one’s job. Pennsylvania law can make this situation a little less harrowing by offering Unemployment Benefits. If you believe that you are entitled to Unemployment Benefits, you can apply for these benefits through the website.


If you are turned down for benefits, there is a short period to appeal.  Likewise, if you receive benefits but your old employer has a short window to challenge you. In either event, your claim will be handled before an unemployment judge, which the law calls a “Referee.”  You should not go to an unemployment hearing without contacting a lawyer, as this is your chance to present testimony and evidence that will be used to decide your claim.  


There are many different reasons that an unemployment claim could be denied. By far the most common reason is that the Unemployment Service Center finds that you committed “willful misconduct.” This has a specific definition in the law, but if you believe that you were fired for something that you did not do or which was beyond your control, you should contact The Orloski Law Firm, challenge the denial and go to the hearing with a lawyer at your side.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

If you are injured at work, then your rights and responsibilities will be controlled by Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation law. The Department of Labor periodically puts out a brochure that gives a broad oversight of the law and answers common questions. This can be found by using your favorite search engine to look up LIBC-100.  


For more complex questions, you should consult a lawyer, especially if your claim has been wrongfully denied, or if the insurance company has filed a petition against you. The other side is always represented by a lawyer who does not have your best interest at heart, so you should have a lawyer protecting your rights. 



Social Security

By working, in addition to contributing to your Social Security Retirement, most people who work also have a deduction in their payroll called FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). These deductions make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits should you ever be unable to work because of illness or injury. One of the best resources for finding out more information on the law is at Social Security’s website at

To be eligible you must have worked long enough to be insured, and have a condition that limits your ability to work for at least 12 months. If you believe that you are eligible, you should contact your local Social Security office or apply through the website. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people who are entitled to benefits will be turned down in the first instance. Therefore, if you decide to appeal your case to a hearing before a Social Security judge, it is best to go with a lawyer who has experience.  


At the Orloski Law Firm, our lawyers have that experience, and can help you at any stage of the process. Our lawyers are able to appeal denials online through Social Security’s website, and once your case is appealed, have access to your entire claim folder through Social Security’s secure website.  


There are also benefits referred to as SSI, which stands for Supplemental Security Income. Unlike regular Social Security disability, to be eligible for SSI, you are not required to have a long work history and must meet certain financial criteria. To apply for SSI, you must contact your local Social Security office. You cannot apply for SSI benefits on the Internet.  


Just like with regular Social Security benefits, many people are turned down because Social Security determines their medical condition is not severe enough. If you get turned down for SSI, you should contact a lawyer at the Orloski Law Firm for help. 


Private- or Employer-Provided Disability Insurance Policies


It is possible to purchase insurance policies that will pay a portion of your lost wages in the event that you become disabled due to an illness or injury.


Many employers offer both Short and Long Term Disability insurance as part of their benefit plans. These insurance policies pay a portion of your wages if you become unable to work. To be eligible for these benefits, you must meet the criteria specified in the insurance policy. These policies can vary wildly by employer or by the insurance company issuing the policy.


If this coverage is provided through your employer, then not only must the insurance company comply with the language of the policy, but it must also comply with a federal law referred to as "ERISA". If you believe that the insurance company handling your disability claim is not treating you fairly, you should contact one of the lawyers at the Orloski Law Firm immediately.

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